Netflix’s original series Stranger Things fully baited us with its ’80s nostalgia and left us craving more! Many of us have even binge-watched the series more than once. There is currently no official release date for season two, but there is an expected return October 2017. It’s a long wait so here is our list of things to do to keep your ’80s feel buzzing.



1. Creep out your vinyl collection

Cult horror movie soundtrack LPs are exactly what you need next time you drop the needle.



2. Watch the 1980 Jason Hervey Eggo Waffle Commercial

This commercial for Eggo Waffles aired December 13, 1980 during The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Show and was featured in the Stranger Things 2 Super Bowl Ad.



3. Stream our Stranger Things-inspired playlist

Honor your current obsession with Stranger Things by losing yourself in this playlist inspired by the hit Netflix show.



4. Watch the cult film Donnie Darko

After a late night, light some candles, sit back and watch. It’s ’80s vibe, retro soundtrack and Frank the bunny never disappoints.



5. Stream the Survive’s album ‘RR7349’

The group’s music caught the attention of Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers as the perfect audio companion to their retro series. Two of the four members, Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein, are the masterminds behind Survive’s eerie synthetic sound.



6. Watch Stranger Things 2 Super Bowl Ad

View the TV spot here.



7. You probably guessed it…

Last but not least—binge-watch Stranger Things Season One... Again!