Blackbird Fragrances

There is nothing I love more than coming across a new scent that transports me to moments of nostalgia, love, or comfort. Fragrances that act as vehicles through which the wearer can live out a certain persona or experience are the most memorable. Perhaps that’s why I’m so drawn to Blackbird. Their fragrance names are creative abstractions; designed to inspire the wearer to construct their own unique meaning and story by virtue of the scent.

Established in 2004, originally as a menswear store, Blackbird progressed over time into a multi-disciplinary world famous design house known for its forward-thinking concepts and creations. If you are serious about distinctive scents, Blackbird’s fragrances are sexy, androgynous and mysterious, making for unconventional yet wearable scents. Explore Blackbird’s current creations and imagine what might come next.